The most effective lawyers are approachable and provide a range of services that meet the needs of their clientele.  We understand this.  In addition to providing legal services for the usual transactions you conduct throughout your life, we give practical and strategic advice for your business, personal, and estate planning needs.  Our clients are not alone, but we're there to give you the support you need.


Our law firm provides services that is focussed on your requirements for legal representation in real estate transactions, business transactions, preparation of wills, powers of attorney, trusts and domestic contracts, and executor assistance.  We process every file through a basic map and framework, which uses three major elements that utilize our unique talents, skills, education and experience to ensure you have the support needed.


Understanding your personality and interests is invaluable when it comes to giving effective legal representation.  Using lawyer involvement from the initial information gathering stage to meeting and reporting to you, we are able to identify your specific interests and give you the comfort of knowing that they are being protected.  Essentially, our lawyers build long-lasting relationships by being on the front line of service on your matter.


As they say, time is money.  Our office is a vanguard for the use of law office technology so that your matter is processed in a disciplined manner to a timely conclusion with a level of thoroughness that comes from having time for review.  We stress the importance of formal methodology.  Our staff is provided with a host of tools to ready a file for legal analysis by our lawyers so that the right person is attending to your matter at the right time.


There is no substitute for exceptional communication.  Whether in verbal or written form, people prefer articulate lawyers that value communication.  We are proactive in our communication through email and telephone from initial dealings with your lawyer for information gathering through to file processing and completion so you have assurance that your matter is receiving its due attention.